Mirrors can be a main decorative element in the interior space, with endless applications. Some of which could be an object on ; walls, doors, partitions, or a cladding material for bathrooms, ceilings, and furniture.

Silver Mirrors

Hanging a mirror on your wall can add both depth and intrigue to your space. With Sahara's wide selection of silver decorative mirrors and framed mirrors, you're sure to find the wall mirror that completes your space. From small, round mirrors to floor mirrors, browse mirrors in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Antique Mirrors

We are specialists in high quality, original, antique mirrors. With a variety of items in stock we can offer a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes from ballroom mirrors, through to full-length dressing mirrors, overmantels, mirrors to go over specific pieces of furniture, for bathrooms, entrance halls, bedrooms and living rooms right down to delicate ovals and table-top mirrors. 

Colored Mirrors

Nothing can stop the imagination of the designers when they are using colored mirrors. Today these products are used for showers, bathrooms and gyms decoration. 

In addition, they can be perfectly combined with metal stair railings, as well as ceiling mounted modern designs. Colored mirror represents a new generation of products for home and office.

Thanks to the brilliant performance of the material they keep their original properties for many years.

Custom-Made Mirrors

The mirror is an essential component for your bathroom interior beauty, with both function and decoration at the forefront of its value. Mirrors enhance a bathroom's space, light, and size. Therefore the proper placement can maximize the beauty of your room, with its elegant design and the functionality it provides.

We provide different design options that can suit your taste and bathroom elements. with the edition of different mirrors art techniques that include: sand blasting, gold and silver leaf, colored mirrors, LED back lighting and much more.


Signature Mirrors

A collection of our favorite mirrors projects that has been done in the Gulf Region by our talented  designer and skillful workers

Every project has been designed and executed with respect to the client's taste, the content design and elements.