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Villa's Signature Projects

As a leading architectural glass company, we provide the best suited set of glass and mirrors along with their fittings in an artistic way to achieve the expectations of our clients and the interior designers

Amna Tower Penthouse

United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Located in the heart of Dubai and at the Dubai Water Canal banks, Amna Tower where we have made an artistic work for a penthouse.

Our scope of work:

  • Curved crystal glass handrail with bronze accessories

  • Shower enclosures made of smart crystal glass

  • Crystal glass partitions with customized electroplated accessories

  • Full height crystal clear mirrors

Cozy Decorated Interior Design 

United Arab Emirates - Dubai, Emirates Hills

One of our recently completed projects in Dubai, where we fabricated all the glasses and mirrors to fit in with the interior design.

Our scope of work:

  • Embeded curved bronze tinted handrail installed with small bronze brackets

  • Crystal clear glass partition for shower

  • Framed silver mirrors hanging from the ceiling

  • Twin mirrors with finest stainless steel frame 

Crystal Clear Glass Handrail

In this modern designed villa with perfect finishing, our scope of work is installation of the glass handrail, which is comprising of:

  • Crystal clear glass with fully machine polished edges to achieve safety

  • Stainless steel grade #316 rectangular toprail installed on side with silver mirror finish

  • Stainless steel round structural bolts

Gold with Silver Leaf Decoration

Qatar - Doha

Located in Qatar, Doha that included one of our most luxurious and beautiful glass decoration techniques, which is gold leaf with silver designs. A very elegant technique that adds artistic touch to your place

Glass Door with Handrail

United Arab Emirates - Dubai

One of the most luxurious designed villas in Dubai, where Sahara had to add their touch to complete the art work, our scope of work is:

  • Crystal clear glass handrail which is installed with structural bolts on side with silver mirror brackets with elegant PVC toprail

  • Silver mirror with sandblasting design as per client request and hanged from the ceiling with finest grade of stainless steel frame

  • Crystal clear glass door installed with black powder coated stainless steel ROYAL accessories

Embeded Classy Handrail

United Arab Emirates - Dubai

In this private villa which is one of the most luxurious and elegant designed villas we have installed concealed glass for the handrail with solid wood top rail. Concealed lights were added to highlight this elegant handrail system.

Unique Simple Stained Glass

One of our signature projects for our client, where we have a variety scope of work,

  • The crystal stained glass to fit with the window size with a durable lite design and gathered with black painted lead.

  • Framed mirrors with concealed LED

  • Crystal clear glass shower enclosure installed with ROYAL stainless steel accessories

Structural Bolts Handrail

One of the most complicated glass handrail is the curved handrail, in this villa we have installed the curved crystal glass with the wooden top rail with the structural bolts on side

Backlit Mirrors with Shower Enclosures

United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Our scope of work for this villa was for shower enclosures and backlit mirrors:

  • Silver mirrors with sandblasting on the sides with LED from back side

  • Shower enclosures comprising of stainless steel ROYAL sliding system with crystal clear glass

Glass Handrail with Gold Fittings

United Arab Emirates - Dubai

One of the luxurious villas where the client requested the handrail to be with gold coated fittings to give a fancy looking.

Our scope of work:

  • Glass handrail comprising of clear glass with gold coated ROYAL accessories

  • Elegant glass partition of the the fused/kiln formed with ultra crystal clear glass with 3D lines fusing effect imposed on both sides

  • Unique mirrors with LED on the back side

Sandblasting Design with Hanged Mirrors

United Arab Emirates - Dubai

For the perfect result we work with our clients to reach the design they are looking for in their interiors, Our scope of work for this villa:

  • Crystal clear glass with sandblasting design painted with gold color to fit in with the wooden doors

  • Hanged mirrors using stainless steel tubes from sides

  • Bathroom mirrors with sandblasting design on the border along with LED from the back side 

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