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SAHARA TRADING COMPANY L.L.C.  is a globally recognized organisation for creating superior values and excellence in enabling varied business interests of creative glass products with a robust and state-of-the-art distribution capabilities, superior service, and innovation, uninterrupted.SAHARA TRADING COMPANY L.L.C. It is also a globally recognized partner for creating superior values and excellence in enabling varied business interests and timely support fostering growth and diversification


Our Commitments:

              1.To our Employees

  • To orient our employees at all time on company’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and Quality Policy;

  • To attract and retain the best talent by providing the best environment to work, rewards and recognition, career progression opportunities;

  • To improve the competency level of our employees through continuous training and development activities.

  • To conduct employee feedback mechanism at all levels;

  • To foster unity among our diversified Human Capital.


              2. To our Customers

  • To deliver our commitments to the customers in full;

  • To provide an uninterrupted and holistic motoring experience by providing the best of products and services;

  • To gear our distribution capability to raise up to the expectations of our customers.


              3.To our Company

  • To review the business objectives of the company to ensure that our investors are rewarded for their support and ensure corporate sustainability;

  • To review the Quality Management System for continual improvement of the processes.


              4.To our Community

  • To remain committed as professional traders  of Stainless Steel accessories for glass Industry Machinery for processing glass, spare parts and chemical consumables in glass industry whose quality standards are in line with the social requirements and government regulations;

  • To participate in activities promoting environment and efforts towards a green community.


Our quality policy as above indicates the goal of the organization and our efforts to improve the quality of service on a continual basis. The quality policy is communicated to all the staff and the significance is understood throughout the organization. The role that every member of the organization plays in contributing the quality is clearly emphasized. The appropriateness of the quality policy to the ever growing quality goals and quality vision of the company is reviewed every year.

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